New Mexico- 10,000+ acres - Mescalero Apache sand dunes and the  beautiful Caprock escarpment country. Strong grazing, good water,  well known as a premier NM Trophy Desert Mule Deer hunting unit. Excellent  blue quail, dove with unique motte type brush habitat, lots of opportunity on your investment including  two ( 5 ) Megawatt wind turbines scheduled for  construction in 2020. Approimately $75,000 annual royalties to the surface owner.   Pending 3 / 2020

Fischer Store /Comal County Coming to the private  market.. This is a legacy ranch, with varied topograhy, habitat, stunning views, fertile fields, huge live oaks and more,...Summer 2020

South Texas   2500-4500 acre range. These are  long term family owned and have not been on the market and will not be on the internet or any MLS type public listing platform.

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