South Texas - 722+ acres, high fenced, good improvements and housing, great red sandy loam soils and native habitat. This location is highly sought after and has well documented history in producing the best native deer in South Texas, with outstanding quail and dove hunting country. More here 722 Encinal Nick Kolbe-Agent

South Texas- 3000+ acres - High Fenced, 200" native  deer, Spring 2020 . Thirty-five  year ownership, great longterm management in place. Easy to the coast, less than 1.5 hours. Family hunted only, no pressure. Spring 2020 Private Market -John Gould Broker

South Texas -  2700+ acres-High Fenced, all native deer, quail strips, scattered big Live Oaks. Hunting, cattle, about one hour to the coast and the Laguna Madre. Fifty year ownership. Spring 2020 Private Market- John Gould,  Broker

New Mexico- 10,000+ acres - Mescalero sand dunes, escarpment country, strong grazing, good water,  well known as a premier NM  Trophy Desert Mule Deer hunting unit. Excellent  blue quail, dove with unique motte type brush habitat,  grasslands, lots of opportunity including  two ( 5 ) Megawatt wind turbines scheduled for  construction in 2020. Approimately $75,000 annual royalties to the surface owner.  Lawyers Real Estate Services, LLC-New Mexico Broker & John Gould TX Broker Mescalero Ranch, Caprock New for more info

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