Laredo, Texas

3000 acres -Just east of Laredo some 10 miles, in the Lobo Creek....Hwy 359 area. This is sandy loam habitat, has a long ownership history, partitioning out of a big ranch. 

Offering Price $ 4,050,000 / This is a real deal, smaller ranchitos in the area, sell for double and more per acre. Improve to your specs, enjoy now with good investment value, it's a good one to  divide. Neighborhood is exceptional.


John Gould

Silent  Market, will not be on mls etc, qualified parties only please, and rep brokers

George West, Texas

3200 acres -High fenced, long ownership  McMullen/Live Oak/Duval counties. 

Offering price $8,800,00  / $2750 acre 


Silent Market, will not be on MLS or Land Listing Websites

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